Hello, I am Fiona

I am the founder of 'stitching for wellbeing' - a place where we can invest in our creativity and wellbeing.

I am a meditation teacher with many years experience.  I have meditated all my life and trained in the art of meditation through studies in Buddhism and also mindfulness with the University of  Massachusetts.  I am also a textile artist and tutor.  Stitching for Wellbeing is a new place for me where I can bring my two worlds together.  The aim is to use stitching as a gateway to meditation which, in turn, deepens individual stitching practice.  A continuous dialogue between stitching and meditation that feeds our creativity and spiritual self.  Additionally, my practice explores heritage stitching as a place to link with our pasts, our creativity and, ultimately, our legacy.

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Courses & Classes

I offer online classes & courses in stitching for wellbeing.  These include introductory exercises and tutorials as well as longer courses that can be studied at your own pace and in your own time.  I am available in support in various ways dependent on class or course.  If you would like any more information do contact me any time.  Details of my portfolio can be found HERE.

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I am currently working on a stitching for wellbeing retreat that can be taken in your own home and in your locality.  The aim is for an immersed experience where we can come together to stitch and support the development of a stitching practice for life.  


I support my work with wee stitching kits that help you find some peace and calm in our complex world.  These are available in my Stitched Stories Etsy store. Moving forward I am beginning to curate stitching kits for clients that I work with in courses.  The aim is provide kits that respond to them individually and also extend their practice.  If you are interested in this service do get in touch.  

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